College center for technology transfer in telecommunications

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The mission of the College centre for Technology Transfer in Telecommunications (C2T3) is to contribute to technological innovation and the economic success of companies in sectors such as telecommunications, 5G network and related devices, and the Internet of Things.

C2T3 works in research and development of advanced solutions for data transmission that meet the increased requirements of range, speed, security and interoperability of the telecommunications market. This is achieved through a value chain system, from conceptual studies, functional prototype development, and tests and measurements to the precertification of marketable products. C2T3 offers a full range of applied research, training and technical services in telecommunications.

  • Applied physics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automation
  • Connected health
  • Cybersecurity
  • Design
  • Digital technologies
  • Electronics and microelectronics
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Industry 4.0
  • Intelligent vehicles
  • Interactive media
  • Internet of Things
  • Navigation and transportation logistics
  • Prototyping
  • Remote sensing
  • Robotics
  • Smart cities
  • Telecommunications (networking, GPS, 4G, 5G)

  • Communications energy balance
  • Communications management system
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMC) measurements in anechoic chamber
  • Feasibility studies for new telecommunication products
  • Simulation of wave propagation
  • Telecommunication signal measurements
  • Wireless data acquisition system: ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Ant +, Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, etc.
  • Wireless telemetry systems:
    • Agricultural system
    • Home support system
    • Paramedic monitoring system
    • Sport monitoring system

Laboratory equipment

  • Agilent AT-MSO9404A, 4 GHz Oscilloscope.
  • Agilent AT-N5182A, Vector RF signal generator
  • Agilent AT-N9030A, Signal analyzer
  • EXFO FTB-5700, Optical network analyzer

Optical equipment

  • EXFO FLS-241-UNIV, Visual fault locator
  • EXFO FP4S, Video inspection probe
  • EXFO FTB-500, OTDR
  • EXFO FTB-5700, CD / PMD analyzer

RF measurements

  • AAgilent AT-N4010A, Wireless network connectivity measurement equipment
  • gilent AT-N9912A, Spectrum analyzer
  • Anritsu S331D, Coaxial cable analyzer
  • Field equipment
  • 1300, Place du Technoparc, 2e étage, Trois-Rivières, G9A 0A9
  • 819 840-5504

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