Réseau des CCTT

The Network Of College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies and Innovative Social Practices

Using innovation to maximize socio-economic benefits for Québec businesses and organizations.

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Our Mission – What we are all about

We aim to maximize the impact of the CCTTs’ collective and individual expertise in innovation and applied research on the socio-economic development of Quebec and Canada. We achieve this through increasing, in the sectors where we operate, the transfer of innovative processes, methods, practices and products, and also through contributing to the development of a highly skilled and innovative workforce.

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Our Vision – What we strive to become

Thanks to the diversity of their cutting-edge expertise in innovation and applied research, CCTTs are key players in major national strategies and the socio-economic development of Quebec and Canada. As recognized partners of the government and valued and regular collaborators for their corporate, organizational, municipal, ministerial and paragovernmental clients, CCTTs are drivers of innovation, anchored in sustainable development, and a vehicle for collaboration for an economy better aligned with the population’s needs.

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Our history

Originally established in 1992 as the Regroupement des centres spécialisés du Québec (RCSQ), it was made up of nine centres. In 1995, the group of centres became the Trans-Tech Network and coordinated networking, consultation and representation. Having redefined its name and image in 2019, Synchronex continues to be active and relevant in bringing together and representing the 59 college centers for the transfer of technology and social practices and offering them high added value services.

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What is a college transfer centre?

Quebec is home to 59 college centres for the transfer of technology and innovative social practices (CCTTs) that comprise our CCTT network. With some 2400 experts in innovation and applied research, the network boasts an impressive range of knowledge and equipment that every year helps over 5200 Quebec businesses and organizations improve their processes, products or practices.

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Each CCTT specializes in a specific field of activity and is directly linked to a CEGEP in its region. Through this close collaboration with the educational community, CCTTs play a key role in training the next generation, ensuring they are qualified and innovative. Thanks to the CCTTs’ foothold at the college level, businesses have access to complementary specialized expertise for developing innovative and sustainable projects.

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