Boreal Forest Experimentation and Development Center

Cégep de Baie-Comeau


In collaboration with the community, CEDFOB’s mission is to carry out research and development on the boreal forest, specifically wood and non-wood forest products, with the goal of sustainable development and fostering the appropriation of corporate results through information, training and technology transfer.

The location of the CEDFOB at the cégep de Baie-Comeau, in the heart of the boreal forest, is an important asset for Québec’s innovation chain. The CEDFOB is a leader in the development of knowledge to produce northern small fruit for the pollination in the northern environment of those same fruits by native bees and for the development of apiaries adapted to cold conditions. The centre is also recognized for its expertise in studying the quality of wood fiber and the issues related to its deterioration by the spruce budworm. The CEDFOB is a strategic partner for sustainable management of the boreal forest.

  • Agri-food and bio-food sectors
  • Bioproducts
  • Chemistry and green chemistry
  • Circular economy
  • Forestry
  • Northern climate
  • Remote sensing
  • Sustainable development
  • Territorial development

  • Adaptation of rearing techniques for bees pollinating forest berries
  • Arboretum landscaping
  • Developing a method for locating and mapping bioresources
  • Development of productive permacultures of forest berries (haskap, blueberry, gooseberry, currants, serviceberry and cloudberry)
  • Extraction of aromatic compounds from plants (essential oils)
  • Improvement of rapid detection techniques for wood deterioration
  • Improving the efficiency of weed control techniques (competing species)
  • In vitro culture laboratory and development of propagation techniques for forest berries
  • Optimization of the shiitake culture process on boreal wood block
  • Study on biomass conditioning
  • Theme park development in the boreal forest with wildlife habitat demonstration and mushroom growing sites

  • Access to various laboratories (chemistry, industrial electronics, etc.) from Baie-Comeau CEGEP and CRLB
  • Chip management system (CMS) – quality analysis of wood fiber
  • Device for extracting plant fibers
  • GPS Station
  • HPLC-MS: High performance liquid chromatography (chemical characterization of plants)
  • IMLF300 resistograph (evaluation of wood density)
  • Large format printer (36″)
  • Micro propagation laboratory
  • Programmable robot
  • Statistical software
  • UV spectrophotometer
  • Woodstock

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