Center for Research and Innovation in Civil Security

Campus Notre-Dame-De-Foy

Centre RISC banniere

The Centre RISC's mission is to support innovation, practices, development and technology transfer of companies and Québec institutions and organizations in the civil security and emergency response sectors, while contributing to the enhancement of college education in those fields.

The mission of the Centre de recherche et d’innovation en sécurité civile (Centre RISC) is to introduce new training, technologies, practices, knowledge, innovations and ideas in order to reduce the negative impacts and increase the efficiency of those intervening in accidents. It also supports the various organizations in optimizing the preparation of their response and intervention in matters of civil security. The centre is attached to the Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy (CNDF) college, which is the only college level educational institution in Québec to offer a full range of programs in the various components of civil security.

  • Cartography
  • Civil security/safety
  • Environment
  • Remote sensing
  • Smart cities
  • Social innovation
  • Social science
  • Sustainable development

  • Adaptation of tools to the realities of emergency response and civil security
  • Analysis and cause reports
  • Analysis of avoided claims
  • CCMU management consulting services in times of crisis
  • Claims incurred analysis
  • Consulting services in support of municipalities, industries, organizations and institutions
  • Development of emergency plans for municipalities, industries, organizations and institutions
  • Development of simulations on Multisite training and practical simulation
  • Development of specialized teaching material
  • Efficiency and effectiveness reports of new technologies validated under the realistic conditions of our infrastructures
  • Expert team in support of post mortem disaster analysis
  • Mobile CCMU services
  • New tests for civil safety equipment
  • Post-event reports
  • Produce and publish research results in areas related to civil security
  • Research and development of best practices in civil security
  • Standards recommendations for civil safety equipment
  • Support for the development of new software and technological tools
  • Support for the dissemination of existing, recognized and innovative training in the field
  • Support for the dissemination of innovative approaches to tabletop exercises and simulations in existing or developing theaters
  • Tests of new technologies of prevention, preparation or intervention
  • Tests on equipment and tools for prevention and intervention in case of disasters

  • Emergency management coordination center for educational application
  • Mobile emergency measures coordination centre
  • Mobile research unit
  • Multisite practice and practical simulation
  • 5000 Clément-Lockquell, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, G3A 1B3
  • 418 872-8242

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