Research Center for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Cégep du Vieux Montréal and Dawson College


CRISPESH contributes to the inclusion of disabled persons in Québec society by supporting organizations in the advancement of knowledge and the development and promotion of innovative social practices.

Disability occurs at the points of interaction between a person and his environment. It is our collective responsibility to remove barriers to inclusion in education, and in professional and social inclusion.

What can CRISPESH do for you

Four areas of activity at the provincial, national and international levels: applied research in social innovation, advice service, customized training and knowledge transfer.

Greater added value for CRISPESH clients: improving their practices towards a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

Clientele: schools, private companies and First Nations.


  • Education
  • Integration of disabled persons
  • Recherche partenariale
  • Social innovation

  • Community events to make society aware of the reality and needs of people with disabilities
  • Exchange forums between the research community, stakeholders and people with disabilities
  • Identification of strategies to facilitate the adoption of best practices related to the integration of people with disabilities to meet their educational, social and professional needs
  • Implementing tools, support and technical assistance to organizations that are responsible for integrating these people into various functions
  • Supported by the institutions of civil society (institutional, community and corporate environments), responsibilities arising from the Law to ensure the exercise of the rights of persons with disabilities and from the Québec Charter of human rights and freedom

  • Free and inexpensive adapted technologies database
  • Database for records management
  • Laboratory for training and evaluation of adapted technologies
  • Specialized software and equipment

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