Research Institute on the professional integration of immigrants

Collège de Maisonneuve

Iripii banniere

IRIPI’s mission is to contribute to the development and transfer of innovative social practices to foster the social and professional integration of immigrant and persons of an immigrant background.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis software
- NVivo
- SPSS Statistics

  • Education
  • Immigrant integration
  • Intergenerational and intercultural integration
  • Social innovation
  • Social science

  • Development of accelerated and innovative processes for recognition of prior learning and skills
  • Development of approaches and tools for educational environments favoring intervention and pedagogy in a diversity context
  • Development of innovative intervention approaches for employment organizations
  • Development of procedures – devices – innovative management tools – working relationships – promoting the management of diversity
  • Development of tools at the selection, hiring and employment follow-up stages for workers in companies
  • Identification of good employment integration practices for immigrants
  • Identification of integration difficulties / employer and employee
  • Portraits and statistical analysis: employability of certain communities, regional retention of highly skilled workers, ethnocultural diversity, etc.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis software

  • NVivo
  • SPSS Statistics

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