Center for Research and Innovation in Industrial Mechanics

Cégep de Beauce-Appalaches


Mécanium's mission is to support Québec's manufacturing SMEs by designing and manufacturing mechatronic solutions to increase companies’ knowledge, productivity, competitiveness and the quality of their products and processes. It also contributes to training in its community through the transfer of knowledge.

MECANIUM specializes in creating new production processes and equipment where there are no complete or available solutions on the market.

The MECANIUM team brilliantly implements turnkey, complex and unique projects that are not only new, but involve high technological or financial risks.

The projects you entrust to MECANIUM are entirely yours as the intellectual property rights are transferred to the company, making your projects confidential.

  • 3D scanning
  • Advanced manufacturing and additive manufacturing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automation
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Digital technologies
  • Industry 4.0
  • Mechanization
  • Metal production
  • Productics
  • Prototyping
  • Sustainable development

Metal sector

  • Aluminum extrusion pressing and bending equipment
  • Positioning and handling equipment before welding for steel containers

Plastics / Acrylic sector

  • CNC machining, sanding and polishing equipment for acrylic
  • CNC servo automatic feeder machine

Wood sector

  • Automatic joists assembly equipment
  • Automatic shingles stacker
  • CNC production line for squaring shingles
  • Lamellar wood panel production line with defect treatment system
  • Multi-sawing equipment for automatic cutting and grading of shingles
  • Other supply equipment, sanding, CNC machining

Other sectors

  • Development of a new transport case for ATVs
  • Development of a rapid silicone spraying system
  • Development of automated stacking equipment for cardboard corner protectors
  • Development of equipment for boxing cardboard rolls

  • Other technological test benches
  • Mechatronic test benches (IOT, Internet of Things)
  • Multi-material 3D printers
  • Linear motors
  • 3D laser projectors
  • Scanner 3D portable
  • Servomotor technology
  • 11700, 25e Avenue Est, Saint-Georges, G5Y 8B8
  • 418 228-1993

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