Center of applied research that stimulates innovation in the renewable energy industry

Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles


Nergica is a center of applied research that stimulates innovation in the renewable energy industry through research, technical assistance, technology transfer and technical support for businesses and communities. Its mission is to create new opportunities for renewables.

With real-world infrastructure unique in America, NERGICA owns and operates a renewable energy research site that includes:

  • two 2.05 MW wind turbines
  • 16 kW of photovoltaic solar panels
  • a micro-grid including small wind turbines, diesel generators and energy storage systems
  • two 126-metre weather towers
  • two lidars

NERGICA offers Innovative tailor-made services:

  • technology development and evaluation
  • operation and maintenance
  • applied meteorology and energy resources
  • storage and management of power grids
  • adapting to cold climates
  • microgrids

  • Automation
  • Cartography
  • Urban planning and development

  • Application of lidar technology to wind energy
  • Business network and trade missions
  • Development and evaluation of frost protection systems
  • Development and validation of control solutions
  • Development of vibration analysis methodologies
  • Energy storage
  • Evaluation and adaptation of wind technologies in cold climate
  • Evaluation of the performance of wind turbines
  • Frost detection and characterization
  • Optimizing the integration of renewable energies in micro-networks
  • Study of wind turbine failures and equipment life
  • Supporting the commercialization of innovations
  • Weather forecast adapted to wind energy and complex terrain

  • 2 large wind turbines (2 X 2.05 MW)
  • 2 lidars (profiler and carrycot)
  • 4 instrumented wind measuring towers – two of 126 m
  • Cloud range finder
  • Differential temperature probe
  • Frost detectors
  • Heated and unheated anemometers
  • High throughput data processing and storage infrastructure (1 Hz) with OSIsoft PI
  • Intelligent micro-wind-diesel twinning with energy storage (total capacity 200 kW)
  • Solar panels totaling 16 kW
  • Visibility sensor
  • Weathervanes

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