Center en forest products processing

Cégep de Rimouski


SEREX's mission is to develop solutions and sustainable practices to support innovation and technology transfer for companies involved in forest product processing to enable them to forge a solid foothold in future markets.

SEREX offers services in the wood processing, sustainable chemicals, renewable energy and eco-construction sectors. Its team of competent and dynamic professionals is supported by cutting-edge laboratory equipment. Its primary areas of activity are:

  • processing of wood and other forest products
  • chemical bioproducts from forest biomass
  • biomass energy and thermochemical conversion
  • performance tests of wood and derived materials
  • bio-based building materials
  • monitoring energy efficiency and air quality of buildings.

  • Circular economy
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Forestry
  • Future resources
  • Renewable energies
  • Sustainable chemistry
  • Sustainable development

  • Development and application of treatment products with low environmental impact (preservation, fireproofing, densification)
  • Development of bio-based adhesives for the panel and engineered wood industry
  • Development of engineered wood products (structural and appearance)
  • Development of extraction processes adapted to Québec species
  • Development of thermal and acoustic insulation made from lignocellulosic fibers for buildings
  • Packaging and characterization of sawn co-products for energy applications

  • Burn test bench (logs, pellets)
  • Chemistry and microbiology laboratories
  • Heat treatment and impregnation units
  • Laboratory of analysis of the building envelope (thermal and acoustic)
  • Panel and composite manufacturing laboratory
  • Pyrolysis unit
  • Quality control laboratory (mechanical properties, dimensional stability)
  • Wood dryer and prototyping equipment
  • 25, rue Armand-Sinclair, porte 5, Amqui, G5J 1K3
  • 418 629-2288

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