Apparel research and innovation center

Cégep Marie-Victorin


For nearly 10 years, Vestechpro’s mission has been to support professionals in the clothing industry their technical and innovative projects; whether it be for the development of a product, process or procedure. As an apparel research and innovation centre, Vestechpro’s areas of focus are significantly broad: health, technical clothing (adapted or intelligent) and digital fashion.

VestechPro offers a full range of services:

  • Applied research
  • Technical assistance and consulting
  • Access to cutting-edge technology laboratories and equipment
  • Technical and technological training
  • Dissemination of strategic information.

VestechPro is known for its expertise in the fields of smart or adapted clothing, anthropometry and circular economy. The centre’s École d’été VestechPro stimulates the next generation by raising students' awareness of the future opportunities offered by the challenge of innovation in the field of clothing. VestechPro is proud to participate in the development of innovation and technology applied to Québec’s clothing industry.

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Advanced manufacturing and additive manufacturing
  • Clothing
  • Connected health
  • Design
  • Digital imaging
  • E-textiles and smart clothes
  • Education
  • Geosynthetics
  • Human performance
  • Internet of Things
  • Materials and advanced materials
  • Medical equipment
  • Prototyping
  • Textiles
  • Welding

  • Assistance in the selection of software and equipment for product and production development
  • Development of a brand marketing plan
  • Establishment of a production schedule
  • Improvement of prototypes and patterns (shape, fit, function)
  • Optimization of costs, time and quality of product production
  • Planning a promotional event for a designer
  • Revision of the business strategy


  • “Feed-off-the-arm” seam machine
  • 4-thread overlock machine
  • 5-thread overlock machine
  • “Bartack” machine
  • Blind stitch machine
  • Buttonhole machine
  • “Coverstitch,” “flat bed” and “cylinder bed” machines
  • Four-needle machine “flat seamer feed-off-the-arm”
  • Programmable pattern machine
  • Rolled hem machine
  • Seamtek heat sealing machine
  • Sonobond ultrasound machine
  • Straight machine
  • Twelve-needle machine
  • Two needle machine
  • “Walking foot / needle feed” triple drive machine
  • Zigzag machine


  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software
  • Diamino software for placements (marker)
  • Kaledo Prints, Knit and Weave software for textile design
  • Kaledo Style software for clothing design
  • Modaris software for patterns and 3D fitting
  • PAD System software
  • 7000, rue Marie-Victorin, local S-007, Montréal, H1G 2J6
  • 514 328-3813

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