Center for Technological Innovation in agriculture

Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe

Cintech agroalimentaire’s mission is to increase the innovation and competitiveness of Québec's agriculture and biofood industry by supporting R&D, consumer research and technology transfer.

CINTECH agroalimentaire is the CCTT centre specializing in food processing in Québec. Its mission is to help companies of all sizes innovate, grow and be more competitive through the provision of professional services in both research and development (product formulation and improvement; innovative technologies and processes; technical and economic feasibility studies; and reduction of food residues) and consumer research (validation of concepts and products; panel of trained judges; and personalized training in sensory evaluation). A collaborative, results-based approach and expertise have been key to the success of our partnerships over the past 25 years.

  • Agri-food and bio-food sectors
  • Agri-food processing technologies
  • Circular economy
  • Conformité règlementaire
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Sustainable development

  • Development of beverage juices and concentrates: prototypes, validation of the commercial process, assessment by consumers
  • Development of PAM foods reduced in sodium. Selection of alternative ingredients, heat / cool treatment settings, GMP, sensory evaluation, risk analysis, lifespan
  • Food safety: validation of processing methods (cooking, fermentation-drying), control sheets, hygiene and sanitation, corrective measures
  • Sensory evaluation of new products. Focus group, quantitative comparison of prototypes for competition products, recommendations for technology and marketing routes
  • Technologies (ohmic heating, HPP) for pasteurization
  • Valuation of berry by-products: antioxidant power, extraction methods, evaluation of incorporation into different food matrices

Research and Development

  • Product Development Lab: ovens, blenders, refrigerators, freezers, homogenizer, pH meter, aw-meter, texturometer, colorimeter, scales, etc.

Consumer research

  • Test kitchen
  • Cubicles with lighting system for product evaluation
  • Observation room with a one-way mirror and audiovisual equipment for discussion groups
  • Genesis software

Analysis and applied research

  • NC1, NC2 microbiology laboratories
  • Chemistry laboratory: analytic supercritical fluid chromatrograph system(SFC), spectrophotometer, viscoamylograph

Pilot factory

  • Stephan and Comitrol shredders
  • MAP and vacuum packing machines
  • Extruder Inteli Torque
  • Fermenter
  • IKA, homogenizer mixer
  • Fluidized bed
  • Freeze-dryer
  • Vacuum microwaves
  • Semi-preparative SFC
  • Confined zeodratator
  • Pulsed light
  • Carbonator

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