Multisensory customer experience


ExperiSens is an applied research centre whose mission is to develop a culture of excellence in customer experience in the hospitality industry as well as in other industries by assisting organizations in the development of innovative concepts, products and services that contribute to the growth of their prosperity.

As a centre of excellence in education specializing in tourism, hospitality and restoration, the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) relies on a distinctive pedagogical approach, applied research activities and sustained collaboration with the industry. Beyond the role of intuition in customer experience, hospitality, stimulation of the five senses, emotions felt and their effects on consumer perception and behaviour, ExperiSens uses science and technology to understand and explain how to optimize hospitality.


3535, rue St-Denis Montréal H2X 3P1 514-282-5111

General Expertises

  • Arts and culture
  • Digital technologies
  • Interactive media
  • Internet of Things
  • Management
  • Open innovation
  • Tourism and digital tourism

Specific expertises

  • Behavioral: customer interaction with the brand, the name
  • Carry out applied research and development, technical assistance and information dissemination activities in the field of multisensory customer experience for the hospitality industry
  • Cognitive: ability of the concept, product, service to evoke something in the consumer with respect to the brand, the name, etc.

Areas of intervention

  • Aeronautics and aerospace
  • Agri-food and bio-food sectors
  • Agriculture
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Arts and culture
  • Digital technologies
  • Education
  • Family
  • Health
  • Industrial design
  • Integration of disabled persons
  • Intergenerational and intercultural integration
  • Navigation and transportation logistics
  • Open innovation
  • Smart cities
  • Social innovation
  • Sustainable development

Examples of applications

  • Management practices
  • Space planning
  • The products, concepts and services


One culinary demonstration room

  • Audiovisual system, programmable camera connected to two monitors and a remote control
  • Capacity: up to 36 people
  • Fully equipped functional kitchen
  • Possibility of installing ceiling spotlights

One sensory analysis laboratory

  • Capacity: up to ten people
  • Modular color lighting
  • Room with kitchen and service area
  • Ten cubicles with computer screens and a keyboard for capturing real-time responses
  • Using the Fizz software, specialized in the management of sensory analyses

One food science laboratory

  • Analytical balance
  • pH meter
  • Refractometer
  • Several other laboratory equipment
  • Texture measuring device (texturometer)