Center in the fisheries, aquaculture, processing and enhancement of aquatic products sector

Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles


Merinov’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable development and competitiveness of Québec's fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic biomass valorisation industry through research and development, innovative technology transfer and technical assistance, while fostering the development of expertise in those sectors.

For over 10 years, MERINOV has worked throughout Québec's maritime territory with companies in the fisheries, aquaculture and marine processing sectors. This special link with industry stakeholders enables MERINOV and its partners to better meet their clients’ needs and, as a result, maximize the economic and environmental benefits to the sector. MERINOV’s principle services are distinguished by product and process development, consulting, environmental monitoring, optimization and technology transfer, technical and economic study, all of which are carried out in a collaborative spirit and with respect to its partners.

  • Agri-food and bio-food sectors
  • Aquaculture and halieutics
  • Automation
  • Bioproducts
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry and green chemistry
  • Circular economy
  • Design
  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Environmental technologies
  • Fishery
  • Industrial waste
  • Industry 4.0
  • Maritime sector
  • Mechanization
  • Packaging
  • Sustainable development
  • Waters


  • Development and improvement of aquaculture technologies
  • Environmental and production monitoring
  • Evaluation and development of new production


  • Development and improvement of fish capture technologies
  • Development of new fisheries
  • Environmental impact assessment and reduction
  • Safety of fishermen

Processing and enhancement of aquatic products

  • Assessment of new processes and technologies
  • Marine biotechnologies
  • Product development
  • Support for the optimization of equipment and production lines
  • Valorization of transformation by-products

  • Access to the pilot plant of the École des pêches et de l’aquaculture du Québec
  • Analytical laboratories in chemistry and microbiology
  • Experimental hatchery
  • Experimental sea breeding sites
  • Fractionation centre
  • Mechanical, welding and instrumentation workshops
  • Motorized boats
  • Product development centre
  • Quarantine facility
  • Rheology and sensory evaluation laboratory
  • Test facility
  • Wet laboratories with seawater intakes
  • 96, montée de Sandy Beach, bureau 2.05, Gaspé, G4X 2V6
  • 1 844 368-6371

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